kiki hackett: organizer, communicator, designer
Kamala Harris laughing on stage at a campaign event in a high school gymnasium
San Francisco framed by power lines and a purple sunset
A triangle composed of two stairways and an escalator with people on it and the sea in the background
Linda Sarsour speaking in front of the Supreme Court with a picture of Christine Blasey Ford held up in the crowd
The entrance to a Japanese subway with a fun squiggly handrail
An out-of-focus picture of a woman wearing a peace sign necklace smoking a cigarette
A saturated fruit stand behind which two people wearing masks and browsing
A hand elegantly holding a golden berry in front of a fruit stand
Wet hands delicately showcasing shelled and unshelled shrimp
Elizabeth Warren, on stage, waving to a crowd at a campaign event
A mix of brightly colored and pastel toys, including Barbies and Furbies